We can provide a complete solution in which we take everything off your hands: mapping (the digital map in the house style of your organization), routing (building the navigation paths), positioning (getting to know the current position through the use of beacons), app development (the development of the accompanying application) and website integration (the integration of the indoor technology on your website).


The foundation of every solution is a digital map we create for you based on your building’s floor plan. We can draw this up completely conform your corporate identity.

Also, we can add relevant Points of Interest (POIs) and context information, which can be displayed in every language. Additionally, the map is made interactive so that rooms light up, even based on your current location.


On the indoor map, we build navigation paths so that the most optimal route from POI to POI or from room to room can be shown. We can also calculate the time and distance of the routes. With clear route instructions (again multilingual!) people will be guided to the correct destination.


To be able to see where you are located, you need positioning. This is possible based on proximity (what is close by?) and blue dot (where am I exactly?). For this we use beacons.

Based on our expertise, we know exactly how many beacons are needed and where they are placed best, which we then use to develop a beacon plan.

We also offer support for the installation of the beacons. When all beacons are installed, a site survey takes place to take measurements. We have developed a unique software algorithm which allows for very precise localization. Depending on the size of the building, we can perform the site survey for you in one day.

App development

Ultimately it is all about the application and for that a user-friendly and modern app is key. We develop apps ourselves for the end user. The end user may be a visitor or employee. For both app development and indoor technology expertise, Movin is the expert you should be looking for.

Website integration

Besides the integration in apps, our indoor technology can also be integrated into your website. By using our API, you can easily make an indoor map with POIs and indoor routing available on your website.  Imagine being able to show an interactive map of your building on your website. Visitors can not only form a picture if your building but can immediately map a route as well. Super convenient for shopping malls and airports for instance.

Whitepaper: Navigation inside buildings

Do you want to know more about the different ways to navigate inside buildings? Download the free whitepaper ‘Navigation inside buildings’. In this whitepaper, we elaborate on how beacons work, three different ways to navigate inside buildings, the pros and cons thereof and the implementation of these methods.



Whitepaper: Navigation inside buildings

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