To get the most out of our indoor technologies, we offer several standardized products that make the realization of indoor solutions a lot faster and easier. For example the Movin Portal and our SDK. With our Portal, you easily gain insight into visitor flow, the maps and routes, modify Points of Interest in real time, manage rights and authorizations and have insight into where the beacons are installed. Do you want to integrate the solution into an app? Our SDK makes it possible to easily integrate indoor maps and routing into your app.

Movin Portal


With Analytics within the Movin Portal, you gain insight into visitor flows, times and numbers. We also offer data visualizations in the form of heat maps. All this data is automatically gathered with the Movin SDK. If you have other specific requests in terms of Analytics, we can expand our standards with fully customized dashboards and statistics.

Map editor

With the Map Editor, you can edit maps and routes in real time. Is the elevator out of service or is a hallway blocked due to renovations? You can edit the map in the Movin Portal so that the routes stay up to date and your employees or visitors are correctly redirected. Additionally, relevant Points of Interest (like the canteen or toilets) can be added to the map in the Map Editor and the map itself can be designed to match your corporate identity.

User Management

With User Management you can easily manage rights and authorizations. Especially convenient when multiple maps of objects (locations) are included. Which maps are your employees allowed to see? Which changes is a specific person allowed to make to the map?

Beacon Management

When beacons are being used for positioning purposes, the Movin Portal offers insight into where the beacons are installed inside your building. This way you are always in control of the hardware and you can always see the current status of the battery level of the beacons.


Are you already using an app or have you already contracted an app developer for building a new app? Our SDK makes it easy to integrate indoor maps and routing into your app. Our SDK also allows you to use our beacon technology and positioning in your app. We are happy to share our SDK with you or your app developer, in which we offer support with the integration.

Whitepaper: Navigation inside buildings

Do you want to know more about the different ways to navigate inside buildings? Download the free whitepaper ‘Navigation inside buildings’. In this whitepaper, we elaborate on how beacons work, three different ways to navigate inside buildings, the pros and cons thereof and the implementation of these methods.



Whitepaper: Navigatie binnen gebouwen

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