Movin navigation app

With the Movin navigation app, you can realize indoor navigation solutions in no time. Guide consumers to the right store in the shopping center, employees to meeting rooms and mechanics to the right technical installation. Our ready-to-go solution is user friendly and can be modified with specific content and maps in your own house style. Another big advantage is that no hardware is needed.


 Navigation app with your content (including maps)

 Layout in your own house style

 Access to the Movin Portal (for managing the map and routing)

 Available in multiple languages

 May be used offline (after downloading once)

 Suitable for Android and iOS devices

Realize your own indoor navigation solution in three steps:

Provide your blueprint
We develop a plan and design the app
That’s it! You can get started*

*Finalized within 7 days. Feel free to inquire about the cost.


Movin App: Corporate

Movin app for installation and service companies

Where is that leaking faucet? In what room is the malfunctioning pump hanging? Indoor navigation helps breakdown service employees and mechanics to quickly find the right installation. Because of this, project managers don’t have to be bothered (at night) with questions. By centralizing information, the deployment of staff becomes more flexible and the training period will be shortened significantly.


Possible expansions

 Keep track of maintenance history

 Add notes to installations

 Add instructions (including pictures) of installation parts

 Blue dot navigation


Movin app for retail

Does it ever happen to you that you come across a store that you didn’t even know existed? As a retailer, you can anticipate this by guiding visitors through the shopping center with the Movin navigation app and creating awareness of the existence of your store. By actively pushing advertisements you can trigger visitors to take a look at your store. You can easily include context information in the app so you can show information per store, category or product.


Possible expansions

Actively pushing advertisements to visitors

Blue dot navigation


Movin App: Retail

Movin App: Kantoren

Movin app for (large) offices

If you are new to a large office, it may be quite difficult to find a specific room. You don’t want to be late for a meeting or waste time searching for rooms. With Movin’s technology it is possible to easily find a room, request information about this room and, if necessary, start the navigation. Movin’s technology also increases the security within a building: in-house emergency response workers can quickly react to calamities and employees know how to quickly find the nearest emergency exit.


Possible expansions

 Connection with (existing) schedule planning systems

 Connection with facility management software applications

 Blue dot navigation


Movin app for hospitals

A hospital is a tense environment and for a lot of people, it entails stress. Where do we need to be? How do we get there? Are we going to be late? Taking away these side issues has a positive effect on the service level as well as the sense of ease for both the patients and visitors. The navigation tool for hospitals is fitted with an interactive map with references to departments, facilities, and toilets.


Possible expansions

Blue dot navigation

FAQ for patients

Newsfeed for patients and visitors

Connections with hospital systems (ZIS)

Movin App: Ziekenhuizen