The indoor technologies may be used for various purposes: indoor navigation (help visitors to know where they are located and find their own way to their destination), asset tracking (make sure employees never have to search for important equipment anymore) and workplace occupancy (help employees find an available workplace or meeting room).

Indoor navigation

One could not imagine the world of navigation without products like TomTom, Google Maps and Apple Maps. Isn’t it strange that this does not exist for indoors? It isn’t, because GPS is the reason for the great success of outdoor navigation and that is exactly what lacked indoors: positioning.

With Movin’s unique positioning technology there is finally a solution to this problem. Now, your visitors or employees always quickly and accurately know where they are located inside the building. With our smart beacon infrastructure, it is easier than ever before to add indoor navigation to your building.

In fact, beacons are not always necessary to realize indoor navigation. We can also draw route lines on your map, for example, to show the most effective route along all relevant Points of Interest. The navigation is supported with clear route instructions. So let employees or visitors find the quickest way to their destination by themselves with our indoor navigation app with an interactive map, whether or not combined with positioning.



Asset Tracking

Never want to look for equipment again? Knowing your exact location or the location of a forklift, pump truck, hospital bed or infusion pump within 2 meters accuracy? For situations in which quickly finding the right equipment can be cost saving because employees can work faster and more efficient. Or maybe when even every minute counts.

Our indoor asset tracking solutions offer the perfect solution. Our asset tracking infrastructure consists of asset tracking nodes on the ceiling and tags on the objects themselves. In the Movin Portal, you can see the exact location of these objects in the building. Of course, these objects may also be people, like emergency response team members, so you always know where they are located in the building.

Super convenient for:

  • Hospitals
  • Large office buildings
  • Airports
  • Factory buildings

Workplace occupancy

Unoccupied workplaces cost money. With the growing development of flexible workplaces, this becomes even more a reality. Employees spend too much time looking for an available workstation or conference room. And employers keep departments open unnecessary. The solution to this problem lies in a system that automatically detects if workstations or conference rooms are occupied within your organization.

The Movin system can even be linked to applications for building management so that the available workplaces can be fully aligned with the specific indoor climate needs of your employees. This way, workplace occupancy can be optimally used for Smart Building purposes.

Whitepaper: Navigation inside buildings

Do you want to know more about the different ways to navigate inside buildings? Download the free whitepaper ‘Navigation inside buildings’. In this whitepaper, we elaborate on how beacons work, three different ways to navigate inside buildings, the pros and cons thereof and the implementation of these methods.



Whitepaper: Navigation inside buildings

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