We can help you to use various indoor technologies in different industries. Together with our partners, we can provide a complete solution. We can make the realization of indoor solutions even faster and easier with our standardized products.


The indoor technologies can be used for different applications: indoor navigation, asset tracking and workplace occupancy.


There are possibilites for different branches: museum, retail, installation- and service companies, hospitals and offices.


We can deliver a complete solution with which we take everything off your hands concerning: mapping, routing, positioning, app development and website integration.


To speed up and facilitate the realization of indoor solutions, we have standardized products: Movin Portal and SDK.

Whitepaper: Navigation inside buildings

Do you want to know more about the different ways to navigate inside buildings? Download the free whitepaper ‘Navigation inside buildings’. In this whitepaper, we elaborate on how beacons work, three different ways to navigate inside buildings, the pros and cons thereof and the implementation of these methods.



Whitepaper: Navigation inside buildings

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