Asset Tracking for healtcare

The ability to accurately track the location of assets and individuals indoors has many applications in healthcare. The Movin app focusses on asset tracking.

Estimates indicate that most hospitals purchase up to 10% to 20% more portable equipment than needed. Investing in fewer assets will translate into a proportionate reduction in purchase and maintenance costs.

Tracking your assets can:

  • Save time for healthcare and maintenance staff
  • Save money by needing less equipment

The Movin app is designed to quickly locate equipment and persons in hostpitals.

"When staff members require a piece of equipment,


they simply open the app, and go get it."

Mist and RTLS

While GPS (global positioning system) is all around us as an outdoor locating solution, it fails to do its job indoors. Indoor Real-time locating systems (RTLS) are local systems that track obejects and persons in real time.

Juniper's Mist is an award winning WLAN solution that consists of Wi-Fi access points that include an array of Bluetooth antennas. With Mist you upgrade your Wi-Fi experience and roll out your own RTLS system in simultaniously.

Portable Bluetooth beacons send out a signal at a fixed interval. The Mist system receives these signals and determine the location of the asset. Accuracy is of asset tracking is within 3 meters and a max 30 seconds delay. The Bluetooth beacons can be small ID badges for personnel, patients and visitors or tags attached to objects of interest such as medical equipment or movable furniture.  

Download the app now


Free for demo purposes

 You are logged into a virtual environment with maps and assets.

This enables you to review and demonstrate the app without the need of an actual Mist setup.

Use the app on your live Mist setup

 If you have a Mist setup, the app is ready to go.

A login to you live environment costs €7,- per user per month.

Request a Mist demo and get introduced to a Mist reseller

For more information about a Mist demo or to install a local Mist setup, feel free to contact us. We introduce you to a local Mist reseller for the proper setup and support.

Once installed you can use this app on top of your Mist setup.

The Movin app is developed by Dutch Grit, digital craftsmen.


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