Give feedback with the Happy Building app

How do visitors and users experience an office space? That was the central question for Sweco. With the Happy Building app, Sweco can now measure this experience in the buildings they manage. By using big data, the building gets to know the user and vice versa. This makes optimal usage of the space possible.

Sweco’s Happy Building concept

Sweco Nederland (former Grontmij) is a consultancy and engineering firm from Dutch origin. They plan and design the communities and cities of the future. One of their projects is the Happy Building concept. This concept consists of a unique combination of measuring the building’s behavior, the user’s behavior and the user satisfaction. This was realized by developing a mobile app, named the Happy Building app. Sweco’s head office in De Bilt, The Netherlands, acted as a pilot. The goal is to make the app available to the visitors of all buildings under Sweco’s management.

Insight into the building’s climate

The Happy Building app is developed so that users can gain insight into the climate of a building and they can quickly and easily give feedback about the building and/or a specific room. For example, they can report that the temperature in a specific room of too high or too low and they can report when a certain situation is experienced as unsafe or unpleasant. Obtaining and responding to this data is extremely interesting for owners and/or landlords of buildings. By responding to the collected feedback, the user satisfaction can be increased.

Movin’s indoor technology has contributed to Sweco’s Happy Building concept by making indoor navigation to workplaces and spaces possible.

A clear indoor map

An important feature of this app is a clear indoor map which makes it possible for visitors to navigate to workplaces and spaces. To realize this, we created a user-friendly indoor map of Sweco Nederland’s head office. All (conference) rooms and Points of Interest (e.g. toilets, restaurants, AED) are shown on the map, which can easily be rotated and zoomed in or out. With this, visitors can easily orient themselves. In addition to this, we helped our partner Appedemic with the integration of the (Cordova) SDK. The SDK makes it possible for the map to be shown in the app and for (conference) rooms and workplaces to light up.

Partners involved

This solution was developed in collaboration with our partner Appedemic. We took care of the indoor navigation solution and the Happy Building app was developed by Appedemic.



Happy Building app

Happy Building app
Happy Building app
Happy Building app
Happy Building app