Digital tours through the Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is the museum of all Dutch people for the world. It showcases the wonder of the Dutch art and history. An important spearhead for the Rijksmuseum is the visitor’s museum experience. The Rijksmuseum has a completely renewed app. With tours, wayfinding, tickets and the collection under one button. The app can be downloaded for free in the App Store or Google Play. The tours are also available on a rental device in the museum.

Various (digital) tours

The objective of the Rijksmuseum is to offer visitors the possibility to plan various (digital) tours through the museum. The advantage is that the visitor can choose the tour he is interested in, for example, a tour focused on a specific area or theme. The app will guide the visitor from artwork to artwork. Thanks to Movin’s indoor technology the visitor knows in which exhibition room he is located, and route instructions are automatically shown based on actual location. This way the visitor can quickly and easily find his way to the next artwork in the tour.

The solution for the Rijksmuseum

To meet the needs and wishes of the Rijksmuseum, we provided the following services: mapping, routing, positioning, and SDK. We took care of the indoor technology. Our partners Q42 (a strategic technology agency) and Fabrique (a strategic design agency) were responsible for the development of the Rijksmuseum app. With the Movin SDK, they have been able to integrate all necessary positioning features into the Rijksmuseum app.

With Movin’s indoor technology visitors at the Rijksmuseum can now plan (digital) tours through the museum. They quickly and easily find their way from one artwork to the next.

The development of the navigation tool

For the development of the Rijksmuseum app, we first created an indoor map of the Rijksmuseum, completely in house style of the Rijksmuseum. The museum’s visitors need to be able to orient themselves. That’s why we’ve added clickable Points of Interest to the map, such as toilets, information desk, cloakroom, etc. The Rijksmuseum attracts both national and international visitors. Therefore the Points of Interest and route instructions are available in multiple languages.

We also helped the Rijksmuseum with the positioning of the beacons. We developed a beacon plan, in which we specified how many beacons are needed and where they should be located for optimal room detection. The signal strength of the beacons was measured, so we can be sure that every visitor at the Rijksmuseum has an optimal museum experience.

The Rijksmuseum app

Rijksmuseum app
Rijksmuseum app
Rijksmuseum app
Rijksmuseum app