Navigation tool for the engineers from ENGIE

ENGIE handles the technical maintenance of the World Trade Center Amsterdam, a dynamic commercial ‘metropolis’ with about 300 businesses and 125.000 square meters of office space. They perform hundreds of installations (from coolers to heating installations) for the WTC, which they maintain themselves as well. ENGIE’s engineers faced a problem: finding their way to a specific installation wasn’t always easy.

Finding the way to  specific installations

Especially new employees and breakdown service employees, who frequently have to visit the WTC at night to correct an interference, are having trouble finding specific installations. When they are not able to find an installation, they used to call the project manager or ask one of the WTC’s employees for help. This was both inefficient and costly.

A navigation tool as the solution

The solution to this problem was found in a navigation tool for the engineers form ENGIE, an app suitable for Android and iOS devices. To meet the needs and wished of ENGIE, we offered the following services: mapping, routing and app development.

Finding the way to a specific installation is no longer an issue for (new) employees from ENGIE. Movin’s navigation tool easily and quickly brings the employee to their destination.

The development of the navigation tool

First, we created an indoor map of the WTC Amsterdam, completely in ENGIE’s house style. Engineers need to be able to orient themselves. That’s why we added clickable Points of Interest to the map. This way employees know where they are located and can request extra information about renters and installations. In order to make sure (new) employees can easily and quickly find their way to their destination, we

integrated a search function into the app, in which the start and end location can be entered. Common start locations will even be shown automatically. The final route will be planned with a route line: first to a staircase or elevator, then the right floor will be shown, and subsequently, the route on that floor will be shown.

The ENGIE app

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