Optimizing processes

Arcabo, one of the largest producers of winterized chalets in Europe, was facing the problem that work hours could not be assigned to projects in an accurate way. Because of that, there was no clear insight in the number of hours worked per bungalow. With Movin’s solution, now they do have this insight. By combining Movin’s system with Arcabo’s current ERP system various processes can be optimized.

Automatically keeping track of work hours

In order to accurately keep track of all hours worked per bungalow, both work hours at static workplaces (like sawing machines) and at dynamic workplaces (like bungalows) are registered. Beacons are placed at or close to a workstation so that hours can be registered automatically. The placed beacons regularly send a Bluetooth signal to the smartphone that is carried by the employee.

Because the location of the beacon is known, the location of the smartphone and the employee is known as well. The only thing the employee needs to do is carry the smartphone with him. At the end of the day, the employee turns in his smartphone and the phone will be charged and maintained. The smartphone sends the list of scanned beacons to the Movin portal.

Work hours are automatically and accurately tracked thanks to Movin’s solution. Because of that, processes can be optimized.

The development of the solution

For the development of the solution, we created a digital indoor map of the production hall. Because the solution works with a smartphone, we created an (Android) application with a user interface for phone registration. In addition, we expanded the Movin portal to connect the ERP system and collect data (work hours and locations).

The beacons form an important part of this solution. Therefore we created a beacon plan, in which is indicated how many beacons are needed and where they should be placed. Of course, we also offered support for Arcabo during the installation and placement of the beacons.

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