Are your visitors having a trouble wayfinding in your venue? Are they completely aware of what facilities and services you have to offer them? Make sure your customers always know where they need to go. 


Below you will find some of our projects. If you want to know more about a specific case, get in touch with us.




Indoor positioning


The Tate Galleries, one of the most distinguished museums in London, has selected Movin for enriching their mobile wayfinding app with indoor location services. The Movin Indoor Location SDK is being implemented by Amsterdam based app developer Q42. Creative agency Fabrique and Northern Light are also involved in the project. The app will help visitors navigate through the galleries and learn more about activities and art around them based on their real-time location.

Movin was involved in the project to consult on beacon placement and beacon suppliers, as well as delivering the Indoor Location SDK to provide users with a 'current location' within the galleries. Tate will also be provided with the Movin Management Portal and Movin Toolbox app, for managing the beacon infrastructure and getting insight into indoor analytics.

More information will follow





Indoor navigation


In the most hospital healthcare center of The Netherlands, the Westfriesgasthuis, patients and visitors will never have to search for their destination again. The progressive and innovative hospital has selected the indoor navigation application of Navigation-IDMobile Agency and Movin to help people navigate their way indoors.

Based on iBeacons and Movins indoor positioning system (SDK), the user is provided with a 'current location' with an accuracy of 2 to 3 meters throughout the entire hospital. The app allows the user to plan routes to different destinations within the hospital. Also, with the clear and intuitive map patients and visitors become aware of the facilities the hospitals offers.


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PilotUMC Utrecht

The university medical center in Utrecht has always shown a strong interest in innovation and new technologies. Because of this, the hospital has made a pilot location available to Movin, to extensively test the indoor technologies and its solutions in a real life environment.
First results look extremely promising and the internal initiators are very enthusiastic. More information and the results of the pilot will be announced soon.





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