An average university campus is visited by more than 10.000 people every day and consists of multiple buildings that sometimes are spread quite far apart. Looking for the right building and classroom can, therefore, be a huge challenge. Students and (guest) lecturers don’t want to be late for a lecture and miss out on knowledge or hold up the lecture. With Movin’s indoor navigation solution, students, employees, and visitors never have to search again for where they need to be, but they always quickly and easily find their destination.

Easy navigation for every visitor

Want to know which lecture you need to attend and where it will take place? The indoor navigation solution can be integrated into existing schedule planning apps, so that at any time, students, employees, and visitors can look up which lecture is being given and where it will take place. Other important places, like the library, toilets, printers or restaurants, are shown on the map as well and with Movin’s indoor navigation you easily navigate to wherever you want to go. Because emergency exits and AEDs can be shown on the map too, the overall safety is improved as well.

Save time and money

University campuses are always in motion. Conference rooms are turned into classrooms, older buildings are being renovated and new facilities or buildings are added. With every change, the existing maps and signage need to be adjusted This costs an enormous amount of money and time. By implementing an indoor navigation solution, employees can easily edit the maps themselves or add new facilities. This way you save both time and money and every visitor can always find the way to the right destination.



Make students and (guests) lecturers feel at ease and make sure they don’t hold up the lecture.


Reduce costs

Save time and costs by constantly adjusting maps and signage.



Increase the safety by displaying emergency exits and AEDs on the map.

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