A visit to a shopping center is often a hard to navigate adventure. It is not the destination for daily shopping and you don’t visit often enough to be well informed of its layout. Many shopping centers have already installed narrowcasting screens, on which information about the shopping center is being displayed and often a map of the shopping center as well. You can make navigation even more user friendly by connecting the digital screen in the shopping center with the visitor’s smartphone for navigational help along the way. An indoor route planner is shown on the visitor’s smartphone and with clear route instructions he can easily and quickly navigate to the desired shop.

Positioning with beacons

You can choose to expand the app through positioning with beacons. The navigation system then not only provides routes to the shops but also shows the user where he is located in the shopping center at any given moment. The beacons can also be used to send location-based promotions to the visitor's smartphone (proximity marketing).



Inform visitors of all the existing shops.

Marketing- en sales

Sales- and marketing

Pull visitors into the store through location-based promotions.



Increase the security by displaying emergency exits and AEDs on the map.

Movin app for retail

Movin has developed a standard navigation app specifically for the retail sector, which only needs to be adjusted to the customer situation. Merely the indoor map of the shopping center needs to be loaded. Movin takes care of the customer-specific map style, makes the indoor map fully interactive and provides clear route instructions. You can easily include context information in the app so you can show information per store, category or product.


Possible expansions

 Actively pushing advertisements to visitors

 Blue dot navigation


Movin App: Retail

Whitepaper: The value of navigation in retail

Do you want to know more about the opportunities indoor technology for museums has to offer? Download our free Whitepaper: The value of navigation in retail. In this whitepaper, we elaborate more about narrowcasting, mobile navigation in shopping centers, the indoor navigation solutions and the possibility to integrate special offers and promotions into the app.



Whitepaper: The value of navigation in retail

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