Offices, multi-company buildings or business campuses can prove to be a hard to navigate adventure for a (new) visitor or supplier. You don’t want to be late for an appointment, you quickly want to drop something off or you’re looking for an available flexible workplace. A navigation tool can help you with this and at the same time improve both the productivity and the service level.

Make your building a smart building

Unoccupied workplaces cost money and with the rise of flexible working, this happens more and more. Employees spend a lot of time looking for an available workplace and employers keep departments open unnecessary. The solution: a system that automatically detects if workplaces are occupied. By making the office smarter you can effectively increase the productivity of employees and reduce facility costs. Help a flex worker find a great workplace and adjust the climate as desired. If you don’t have many flex workers at the office, let them occupy one area and turn off the heating and lighting in the other areas. Whether you want to find an available workplace, operate the window blinds or adjust the temperature, all facilities can be integrated together into one application. To realize this, we team up with our partner BRControls.

Improve the service level

 Guide every visitor, (new) employee or supplier easily and personally to his destination inside your building. Don’t let them wander through the building, looking for an employee to ask for directions. Reduce stress before important meetings, allow suppliers to quickly deliver something and help people to focus on their core tasks. Indoor navigation takes you by the hand and leads the way in every building. No need for extra hosts/hostesses, because this can be done with the smartphone the visitor already has with him.



Guide each visitor, (new) employee or supplier easily and personally to his destination in your building.


Reduce costs

Make your building smart by increasing the productivity of employees and reducing facility costs.

Marketing- en sales

Marketing- and sales

Increase the user satisfaction by obtaining data and responding to it.

Movin app for (large) offices

If you are new to a large office, it may be quite difficult to find a specific room. You don’t want to be late for a meeting or waste time searching for rooms. With Movin’s technology it is possible to easily find a room, request information about this room and, if necessary, start the navigation. Movin’s technology also increases the security within a building: in-house emergency response workers can quickly react to calamities and employees know how to quickly find the nearest emergency exit.


Possible expansions

 Connection with (existing) schedule planning systems

 Connection with facility management software applications

 Blue dot navigation

Movin App: Kantoren

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