Nowadays, practically everyone carries a smartphone with him, which offers tremendous opportunities to convey a story to visitors of a museum. New indoor technology makes it possible to offer personalized digital tours through the museum or to help your visitors navigate along the artworks. Pull the visitor into an artwork and make tours through the museum interactive with various content, from videos to games.

Digital tours the museum

To make a visit to the museum as interesting as possible, it is important to fine-tune it to every individual. Experienced museum visitors might be looking for a specific art movement or connection between artworks. Fans might want to see the latest artworks or a temporary exhibition. New visitors, however, might want to be guided a lot more. Movin’s indoor navigation technology makes this possible. The visitor can be taken by the hand and will be guided from one artwork to the next with an app. As soon as he has arrived at an artwork, specific content about the artwork will appear on his smartphone.

Orientation with an interactive map

With the interactive map, you can actively help visitors navigate through the building. To realize this, beacons need to be placed. These beacons communicate with an app on the visitor’s smartphone, so they know exactly where the visitor is located. A destination or route is entered on the interactive map, which will then be shown on the device. The app shows Points of Interest (identification marks) so that the visitor can easily orient himself.



Make a visit unique by offering personalized digital tours.

Marketing- en sales

Marketing- and sales

Increase the attractiveness of your museum for a (younger) target group.



Increase the security by displaying emergency exits and AEDs on the map

Whitepaper: Digital innovations for museums

Do you want to know more about the opportunities indoor technology for museums has to offer? Download our free Whitepaper: Digital indoor innovations for museums. In this whitepaper, we elaborate more about the trends and developments in the museum sector, the advantages of (digital) tours and practical cases about the Rijksmuseum and Tate Galleries (museums in the United Kingdom).

Whitepaper: Digital innovations for museums

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