Installation- and service

Frequently, installation and service companies install a large number of installations within one building and are then responsible for the maintenance thereof. Finding the way to specific installations is not always easy. Especially new employees and breakdown service employees are often having trouble finding their way. Breakdown service employees often have to work at night to remedy a malfunction. When they are not able to find an installation, they will call the project manager or ask someone in the building for directions. This takes up time for both the employee and the project manager so that unnecessary costs incur.

Finding the way to installations

New indoor technologies make it possible for employees to quickly and easily find their way to a specific installation. The only thing they need to do is enter a start and end location. To realize this, an interactive map of the maintenance building needs to be made. The route will be planned with a route line.

The optimization of processes

Indoor technologies can also be used to optimize processes. Often employees work on different projects in both static and dynamic workplaces. This makes accurately assigning hours to certain projects quite the challenge for a lot of businesses. The Movin technology can be used to collect this data and use the insights to optimize your business processes.



Help (new) employees and breakdown service employees find the way.


Reduce costs

Increase productivity, optimize processes and thus reduce costs.

Marketing- en sales

Marketing- and sales

Increase customer satisfaction by resolving malfunctions quicker.

Movin app for installation and service companies

Where is that leaking faucet? In what room is the malfunctioning pump hanging? Indoor navigation helps breakdown service employees and mechanics to quickly find the right installation. Because of this, project managers don’t have to be bothered (at night) with questions. By centralizing information, the deployment of staff becomes more flexible and the training period will be shortened significantly.


Possible expansions

 Keep track of maintenance history

 Add notes to installations

 Add instructions (including pictures) of installation parts

 Blue dot navigation


Movin App

Whitepaper: Digital innovations for installation and service companies

Do you want to know more about how employees can easily find specific installations and how indoor technologies can help you optimize your business processes? Download our free whitepaper ‘Digital innovations for installation and service companies’.


Whitepaper: Digital innovations for installation- and service companies

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