In hospitals a lot of searching takes place. Patients and visitors are looking for where they need to go and employees are looking for aids like beds, infusion pumps, and crash carts. Indoor technology allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for. That saves a lot of time for employees and makes patients and visitors feel at ease.

Indoor technology helps the patient

A hospital is a tense environment and for a lot of people, it entails stress. Where do we need to be? How do we get there? Are we going to be late? Taking away these side issues has a positive effect on the service level as well as the sense of ease for both the patients and visitors. The navigation tool for hospitals is fitted with an interactive map with references to departments, facilities, and toilets. The patient or visitor can orient himself well through positioning. He knows exactly where he is or where he is walking, so that possible stress will be reduced. To make it even easier for visitors, a link to the navigation tool can be included in the doctor’s referral letter.

Never having to look for equipment

Searching for equipment in the hospital costs time. Time that is better spent on something else. Indoor technology tells you where an infusion pump, bed or crash cart is located so that employees don’t have to constantly look for things and you’re not forced to buy extra equipment. This makes employees more efficient and therefore helps to save costs.



Make visitors and patients feel at ease by reducing possible tensions.


Reduce costs

Save time and costs by never having employees search for equipment again.



Increase the security by displaying emergency exits and AEDs on the map.

Movin app for hospitals

Movin has developed a standard navigation app specifically for hospitals, which only needs to be adjusted to the customer situation. Realize in no-time a indoor navigation solution with the Movin app. This ready-to-go solution is user friendly and can be modified with specific content and maps in your own house style.


Possible expansions

 Blue-dot navigation

 FAQ for patients

 Newsfeed for patients and visitors

 Connections with hospital systems (ZIS)


Movin App: Ziekenhuizen

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