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Expert in indoor technology. We believe we no longer need to search for people or equipment inside buildings. Therefore we have developed technology for accurate and reliable positioning inside buildings. We offer beautifully designed and user-friendly mobile apps with which employees or visitors can easily, quickly and stress-free find their way inside buildings.

Erik Slikkerveer
General Manager


Frank Steenvoorden
Sales - Accountmanager


Leander Stolk
Web Developer

Erik Euser
Web Developer


In order to achieve the best results, Movin works together with partners when needed to reach a perfect solution.


"Some people call us 'a tech-savvy internet agency'. Others just call us nerds. We call ourselves nerds too, to be honest. We just happen to really love good programming. But that's not the whole story. Computers are only interesting when they involve people. So even more than programming, we love programming web apps to not just be useful, but also friendly."


Let Appedemic build your mobile app, no matter how big or small. Whether you have already sketched up an idea or are completely blank, we help you to come up with, develop and manage your mobile app. To do this we use our proprietary Appedemic Platform, which we keep modifying to meet the latest technological developments.


Kontakt is leading global provider of proximity technologies. Seeing the potential of the technology and already working on next solutions, we must say—the best in beacons is yet to come. And we aim to be a big part of it.


IKANDA delivers solutions based on Sensors & Digital Signage to optimize those journeys and to assist them with the most personalized experience they ever perceived. We have solutions for Wayfinding, FlexWork, People Counting and Shopping Assistance combined with innovative Digital Signage solutions.


BRControls develops products and supplies web-based operating systems for climate, tap water, Legionella prevention, shading, lighting, energy management, heat and cold storage, key management, access control and connections with other disciplines.

BINX Smartility

BINX Smartility

BINX Smartility designs, realizes, and maintains multifunctional accommodations and creates innovative housing in the utilitarian market. BINX Smartility does not only realize a building but tangible achievements which are guaranteed and demonstrable for a set period. In other words, do what they are developed for.



Fabrique is a strategic design agency, specialized in service design, app development, e-commerce and website design. Fabrique adds a healthy dose of imagination to our knowledge and experience. Insights into companies and technology. Fascination of what motivates people. The better we understand the world, the more impact we can create. For the client, ourselves and society. Together we push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our motto: “Challenge reality!”

Dutch Grit

Dutch Grit

Dutch Grit provides scalability and growth through web development, concept development and design. Connecting data sources and IT systems places customers at the center of your operations.


KvK MKB Innovatie Top 100

"Movin onderscheidt zich omdat het systeem betrouwbaarder, accurater en simpeler te implementeren en onderhouden is."

Dutch Open Hackathon 2016

"De startup Movin heeft dit jaar de Dutch Open Hackathon gewonnen. Ontwikkelaars kregen 48 uur de tijd om een app te bedenken en maken. Aan de Hackathon deden 52 teams mee. De Hello Goodbye-app van Movin was volgens de jury de beste vondst."

Sprout Top 25 onder de 25 2015

"Vergelijk het met TomTom of Google Maps, maar dan voor binnen."

Dutch Open Hackathon 2015 impression